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Cloud Forest Exploration

Cloud Forest
MONTEVERDE CLOUD FOREST RESERVE - The variable climate and altitude of the protected Monteverde Reserve have produced an extremely diverse group of flora and fauna in a small area. The cloud forest features majestically tall trees festooned with orchids, bromeliads, ferns, vines, and mosses.

Wildlife species seen in the area include the jaguar, Baird´s tapir, three-wattled bellbird, bare-necked umbrella bird, and resplendent quetzal. This half day tour includes transportation, a tour guide, and entrance fees.

SANTA ELENA CLOUD FOREST RESERVE - Located high on the Caribbean slopes of the Continental Divide of Costa Rica, the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve is one of the first community managed reserves in the country. A joint effort of several local and international organizations, the reserve officially opened in March 1992.

With over 8 miles of trails, 3 overview points, and an observation tower, the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve makes for an exceptional hiking experience. This tour includes transportation, a tour guide, and entrance fees.
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Canopy Tours

Sky Walk Tour
SKY WALK - Sky Walk allows a vision of the forest from a different perspective. It combines trails through the lower levels of the forest with suspension bridges that also let you explore the unknown world of the cloud forest canopy.

The tour features different observational levels to admire the flora and fauna starting at the forest ground and ending at the tree tops. The Sky Walk consists of seven suspension bridges, the highest being 150 ft and the longest being 984 ft. This half day tour includes transportation and entrance fees.

SELVATURA - This canopy tour in the Monteverde Cloud Forest features a system of trails and zip lines offering the opportunity to observe nature in the treetops. You'll soar from platform to platform high above the ground.

In addition to the zip lines, the tour also includes a number of trails and suspension bridges through the lower levels of the forest allowing visitors to fully explore the world of the cloud forest. Transportation, entrance fees, and a guide for the canopy tour portion are included as well.
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Nature Tours

Butterfly Garden
MONTEVERDE BUTTERFLY GARDEN - The Monteverde Butterfly Garden is located in scenic mountains, with incredible views of the cloud forest and the Gulf of Nicoya. The workers raise about 50 local butterfly species by hand to keep their gardens blooming with life.

In the Nature Center, you will learn about the complexities and nuances of the butterfly life cycle, including live eggs, caterpillars, and chrysalis. You can expect to see the flashy blue morpho butterflies, the most famous in Costa Rica, and the huge owl butterflies, the largest in the country.

ORCHID GARDEN IN MONTEVERDE - This impressive collection of more than 400 species of orchids includes the Guardia morada, the national flower, as well as other species such as Maxillaria, Epindendrum, and Oncidium.

Your visit to this unique garden helps support the Monteverde Orchid Conservation and Research Project which is working to protect and learn more about orchid species found in Monteverde. This tour runs several times throughout the day from 9 AM to 4 PM and lasts about 2 hours.

Frogs MONTEVERDE FROG POND - You'll be amazed by the diversity found at the Frog Pond which features more than 20 species of frogs and other amphibians found in Costa Rica, including the famous red eyed tree frog.

Part of the proceeds from your visit goes to conservation and research efforts towards protecting frogs and toads. The Frog Pond strives to educate and inspire others to take an interest in these unique animals. This tour runs several times throughout the day from 9 AM to 8:30 PM.

HUMMINGBIRD GALLERY - In this interesting place you will learn about the natural history of the region and admire the colorfulness, speed and unequaled beauty of the Costa Rican hummingbirds.

The gallery also features a slide show and an exhibit of photographs by famous photographers like Michael and Patricia Fogden. This tour runs several times throughout the day from 7 AM to 3 PM and is included as part of your visit to the Monteverde Reserve.
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Shopping at CASEM

Shopping at CASEM
Enjoy some time shopping at CASEM (Comité de Artesanas de Santa Elena y Monteverde), a store featuring the works of 140 Costa Rican artisans, many local to the Monteverde region. By purchasing from CASEM you will gain an original work of art while helping to support the community.

Since 1982, CASEM has worked to create an environment where the associates can work in their homes for the ecological, social and economic development of their families and the community as a whole. Shopping is open from 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday.
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