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Costa Rica Vacation Packages – Family Vacations



Costa Rica Vacation Packages – Family Vacations

Experience Costa Rica’s wild jungles of Arenal, the Cloud Forests of Monteverde and relax on the sandy beaches over the Holiday in Tamarindo. With local guides, explore and experience Costa Rica’s stunning variety of wildlife and soft adventure. White water rafting, hiking around Arenal, Zip lining or try your hand at surfing. This Package is for families or multi-generational families who want to escape during the holidays. We are holding space at these properties, Call or email us for a quote.
Day-to-Day Itinerary:

Dec 22 – U.S. / San Jose Costa Rica
After arriving into San Jose you will meet and greet your private transfer outside the International terminal for your ground transfer to the Hotel Presidente ( 10 minutes)


Dec. 23 San Jose / Arenal 
Meet your private transfer outside the hotel and transfer to Arenal (3 hr)

Dec 23-26   3-nights Arenal Manoa & Hot Springs hotel, breakfast included.

Choice of Day Excursions Dec. 24 & 25:
Hiking Arenal Volcano trails in the morning & Arenal Sky Tram & Trek (canopy & aerial tram) or Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge – Full Day or Sarapiqui River Rafting -
class III – Full Day or Celeste River hiking tour – Full Day

DEC 26 Arenal / Monteverde
Transfer to Monteverde ( 3 hr transfer). P.M. Monteverde Cloud Forest walk. Overnight for 1-night Monteverde El Establo Hotel.

Dec. 27 – Monteverde / Tamarindo
Morning half day excursion to Selvatura Canopy & Walkways.
Afternoon – Transfer from Monteverde to Tamarindo, overnight at the Diari Hotel located on the beach.


DEC 27-03 Jan 7 nights at the Diari Hotel including breakfast.

Choice of 2 Day Excursions Dec. 27-02Jan:
Manuel Antonio National Park – Half Day or Damas
Island Estuary kayaking- Half Day or Kayaking & Snorkeling at Punta Uva or Manzanillo – 3 hours or Kayaking & Snorkeling at Punta Uva or Manzanillo – 3 hour

JAN 03 Tamarindo / Liberia Airport 
Transfer to the Liberia Airport. Airport

13-Days / 12-Nights Holiday Package Includes:

• 1 night in San Jose
• Airport to hotel transfer in San Jose to your hotel
• Transfers to Arenal Manoma Lodge.
• 3 nights in Arenal Manoma Lodge
2 Day Excursion in Arenal
• Transfers to Monteverde – Establo Lodge
• Afternoon Monteverde Cloud Forest walk & Selvatura Canopy & Walkways
• Transfers from Arenal to Tamarindo
• 7 nights in Tamarindo Diari Hotel breakfast included
2 Day excursions in Tamarindo
• Hotel to airport transfer as listed
• Daily breakfast
• Hotel Taxes
• English speaking guides for all day excursions and transfers

costarica-Playa Guiones_beach1

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Paradisus Playa Conchal Costa Rica

The Paradisus Playa Conchal in Costa Rica has recently been purchased by Westin Hotels and Starwood Group to became the first All-Inclusive luxury resort property in the Westin family.  The new Westin brings the flavor of Costa Rica’s vibrant eco-lifestyle  attributes in an all-inclusive beach and golf resort. Surrounded by 2,400 acres of eco-adventure, guest staying at this newly  renovated all-incluisve property can relax by the pool, swim in the crystal clear bay or embark on a day tour of zip-lining, hanging bridges or sightseeing.   The Westin only a 45-minute drive from the Libreia airport offers a varitey of activities for the active traveler, and why not, you are in Costa Rica, which has an abundant species of wildlife.

Costa Rica is  home to some of the world’s most extraordinary flora and fauna and wildlife. In fact, Costa Rica has over 615 different species of plants in a 10,000 sq km area, more than any other country in the world. Visitors traveling to Costa Rica will have the opportunity to see a variety of unique animals, birds and other species of frogs, lizards and aquatic wildlife in their natural habitat.

In fact, Costa Rica geographic location allows for a large population of wildlife, insects, plants and aquatic species because of its proximately to the North and South America. The tropical climate and weather combined with its location are ideal conditions and home to over 500,000 species of plants, insects and animals. Over the centuries North and South America was the biodiversity highway that have fostered the different species of flora and fauna of the continents.

Arenal-volcanco.jpgCosta Rica emerged from the volcanic past allowing vast biological species to mix and match to create this rich biological history.   Costa Rica is home to exotic animals of all types, including over 1,200 species of butterflies, numerous tropical frogs, bids, and reptiles. Each of these species contributes to the lush environment of this Latin American country, making the travel experience truly extraordinary.

Visitors often spend a great deal of their time in Costa Rica bird watching, hiking, and studying the wildlife in the National parks where many of these species are found.  Guided ranger tours in these National Parks are well worth the time and money.  Many of the rangers know exactly where the different species of birds and wildlife are at any given time of the day.  They usually carry spotting scopes to help view and identify the wildlife and help you take close up pictures using your camera and their spotting scope.  During the winter months or the dry season many birds and some mammals migrate south into Costa Rica for the warmer temperatures, allowing travelers  to the area to see even more diversity in the fauna of this region. No matter what time of year you want to plan your trip, you are guaranteed to see some unique animal’s plants, insects, birds and reptiles during your adventure.

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Costa Rica Beaches Worth Visiting

If you have every wanted to vacation on a beach that is quite and inviting, keep reading because we will give you a glimpse of what kind of beaches are offered in Costa Rica.  The beaches highlighted are Playa Conchal, Playa Flamingo and Playa Tamarindo.  In Costa Rica there are a variety of beaches, from dark to gray rocky beaches to bright golden and white powder sandy beaches.  Together with the panoramic coastline views, you might not want to go home. 

 One of the first amazing beaches to visit is Playa Conchal near the small village of Brasilito.  Playa Conchal located about ½ mile from Playa Brasilito is on the road from Huacas that leads you into the village at the ocean front.  The village of Brasilito, which has a few restaurants, shops and accommodations, does not have a great beach here.  The beach at Playa Conchal and Playa Flamingo is much better located future down the coast.  

This remarkable beach named after the huge number of shells that washes up onto the beach is made up from crushed shells over thousand of years. Walking along the shore line you will be able to find and gather shells while enjoying the beautiful views of the area.  The water on this beach is ideal for snorkeling and swimming with its crystal clear water.  The water is clean and clear and great for snorkeling and looking at a variety of fish.  Playa Conchal is a local favorite for divers and snorkelers who like to snorkel around the corners of the rocks and cliffs of Brasilito.  One of the popular resorts nearby is the Paradisus Playa Conchal, an all-inclusive resort is one of the best resorts along this coast,    

Future down the beach is Playa Flamingo, a nice white sand beach with very little crowds.  This popular beach is also known as Playa Blanca.  The area has been recently developed by the Flamingo Beach Hotel for sport fishing and boating.  The Flamingo Beach Hotel, a moderate small property that is ideal for beach lovers and sport fishing enthuses have an ideal location to do both.  The easiest way to find this area is to fly into Tamarindo and either rent a car or have the hotel pick you up. 

If you are driving and decide not to visit Brasilito, you can drive south to Tamarindo.  The road into Tamarindo is unpaved but drivable.  The beach is large and attractive, both for walking, swimming and surfing.  The town of Tamarindo is a popular destination with a variety of hotels and beach resorts located along its 1 mile stretch. There are many restaurants and shops within this small village to accommodate the local and tourist that come to stay and visit.  The village is small only a few blocks along the beach front, but ideal for beach lovers and surfers to enjoy the scenery and views.  Recommended stay is 3 – 4 days.

Turner James with Costa Rica TravelPOINTS has traveled to Costa Rica on many occassions and is available to help you arrange a vacation package to Costa Rica.  Call him at 1-800-626-3483 or visit the website at

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Recreo – Costa Rica : Explore : Experience

Costa Rica : Explore : Experience

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most popular destinations for eco-tourists because of its biodiversity. It has been stated in various places that Costa Rica may contain as much as 6% of the world’s plant and animal species in an area the combined size of the U.S. states of Vermont and New Hampshire. Both tropical plant and animal species abound in Costa Rica.

Some of the more impressive plants range from huge ficus trees with epiphytes abounding on their limbs to approximately 1500 different orchids. The animals are equally as impressive, whether it’s a jaguar (the largest cat in the New World), the ever-elusive Margay, or the wonderful birds like the green or scarlet macaws.  The amphibians are also quite impressive; the poison dart frogs with their bright colors are bound to catch your attention, or the giant cane toads.

Recreo invites you to the Costa Rica Resort to enjoy your very own luxury Costa Rica villa Vacation in one of the Villa rentals and allow us to create your perfect Costa Rica vacation package, Romantic or family Vacation in Costa Rica on the Pacific Coast where you’ll enjoy the intimacy of a private Costa Rica Resort vacation villa rental. 

Recreo – A place where all your cares are quickly absorbed in uncompromising service in your very own Costa Rica villa, as the sun blankets you with warm rays that soothe the soul. When the night sky has descended in a velvety canopy of stars and silvery moonlight, the Costa Rica Resort provides you with endless opportunities to listen to the whispers from the rain forest to the Costa Rican Pacific Ocean.

The Costa Rica Resort villas were built around the concept to provide everyone with a safe Costa Rica Vacation experience, while enjoying everything that is Costa Rica, nature, water, fresh clean air, animal life, and of course all surrounding your very own Costa Rica Villa for you and your family, associates or loved one. Recreo Costa Rica Resort is the place for everyone that places a premium on serenity.

Check out the Romantic Costa Rica 7 Night Getaway

All Inclusive Package
Included in Romantic Costa Rica Getaway package:

   •  Champagne breakfast in bed
   •  Relaxing massage for two in the privacy of your villa  
   •  Picnic basket for two – for a romantic walk   on the beach
   •  Private sunset boat ride
   •  Nicaragua or Rincon Volcano Day Trip
   •  All Airport transfers

$3,500 (USD) from May 28 to Nov 19, 2010
$4,500 (USD) during holiday seasons:
* Thanksgiving: Nov 20 to Dec 1, 2010
* Christmas Holiday: Dec 18 to Jan 5, 2010

For more information call us at: 1.877.250.8865

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